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I get asked book questions ALL THE TIME. This page has some of the most common questions and answers. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for here!

What’s my favorite book?

My child is an advanced reader! Help!

My 1st grader reads and comprehends at a 5th grade level. Help!

My 12 yo daughter is an advanced reader and is already very well read. She’s into dystopian everything! What do you recommend?

Looking for clean book recommendations for my 13 boy. He’s an advanced reader. He likes long world building sci/fi fantasy type books. He likes authors like Brandon Sanderson, James Islington, Tolkien, Richard Paul Evans.

My child has already read everything! Help!

Hi! My son is 8 and just finished the second grade. He is currently reading the Wings of Fire Series and just finished the Percy Jackson series. I bought him the rest of Riordan’s series, but he says one is too scary and one is too boring. So, I’m kind of at a loss on what to guide him to next.

What are your favorite Early Chapter Books for Young Independent Readers (Ages 7 to 11)? 

My 12 yo daughter is an advanced reader and is already very well read. She’s into dystopian everything! What do you recommend?

Looking for a book or series for a very well-read niece turning 12. She has read all of Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series. I’m not sure what 12 year olds are into. Must be PG.

What are your favorite Next Level Chapter Books for Young Independent Readers (ages 10 and up)?

What are your favorite Middle Grade Books (12 and up)?

What are some of your favorite YA series that are more obscure? My oldest is about to turn 20. She still loves YA or cleaner adult fiction. She’s read ALL the biggies, reads really quickly, and we like to load her up for birthdays and holidays. Any recommendations?

What books should be in my library? Help!

We’re going to live on a boat for the next 3 years. What books should we take with us for our kid’s library? 

Help! I’m moving from a career (almost 20 years!!!) teaching kindergarten to fourth grade next year, please help me build my “must buy” list to make an awesome 4th grade library!

I’m an adult, what should I read? Help!

It’s been forever since our family read a book together! What’s a good book everyone would enjoy, kids and adults? (Kids ages 14 – 24)

My 87-year-old father-in-law is sharp as can be and a voracious reader. He LOVES history and historical fiction, but I’ve been challenging him to broaden his horizons. What do you recommend?

It’s my wife’s bday, and she loves books! Especially the about the brain, how people think, or religious books–especially those that bring new perspectives. What do you recommend?

I need some good book recommendations! I have three weeks of vacation at the end of the year and need about 10 new books to read.

What are the best books for…

What are your favorite Read-Alouds for Parents and Kids to Read Together?

What do you recommend for a Brandon Sanderson fantasy loving teen?

I’m looking for recommendations for a chapter book read aloud for my second grade son. Thinking in the tradition of classics like Charlotte’s Web and Roald Dahl.

What are the best books by genre?

Literary fiction


Young Adult

Middle Grade

Dramatized History

Science Fiction



Historical Fiction

Is this book appropriate for my child?

My 8th grader has an assignment to read a book from a specific list. He is not comfortable reading books with a lot of swearing. I would appreciate any opinions you have on the following books: Friday Night Lights, by G Bissinger; My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult; Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro; The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexis; American Street, by Ibi Zoboi.

Book Polls

What are the 100 greatest books ever written?

Who are you favorite book couples?

Moment of truth: What’s the best Harry Potter book?

Do you mostly read Traditional Books, eBooks, or Audio Books?

What order should I read these books in?

I just got a complete collection of Roald Dahl books! What order should I read them?

What Brandon Sanderson book should I read first?

I have a question too!

I want to ask a question! How can I get in contact with you?

What the heck is…

What the heck is Goodreads?!

What the heck is Kindle X-Ray?!

What the heck is up with you and Brandon Sanderson?!

What the heck is Kindle Word Wise?!

What the heck is Kindle Word Runner?!

What the heck is Kindle Immersion Reading?!

Tell me about your Kindle…

Okay, you asked for it!

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