#Wonder: How to Change the World

By: R.J. Palacio
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars

My word, this is a wonderful book!

Auggie wasn’t born perfect. He wasn’t even supposed to survive. His head didn’t come together right. His face makes children cry and adults flinch. He doesn’t have ears, his eyes are in the wrong place, and his mouth and teeth make it hard for him to eat normally and keep his saliva in his mouth. The endless surgeries have prevented him from attending school, so he’s been home-schooled.

Other than that, Auggie’s perfectly normal.

And it’s time to start the 5th grade. Middle school. Lord of the Flies in real life.

You can probably fill in the rest.

I’ve been telling the people around me about Wonder, and I keep getting the same flabbergasted response: How sad! Why would you read a book like that?

Why? Because this isn’t a book about bullies. It isn’t a book about not being mean.  This book is about what happens when you act just a little kinder than is necessary.

Oh, my dad heart! What a message this is!

My children, do you want to change someone’s world? It’s not enough to not be mean. It’s not even enough to simply be kind. Change the world for someone by being kinder than needed.

I can’t recommend Wonder enough. There is meaning for all of us, because every single one of us feel different. Fellow parents…we all have Auggies, and this book will give you strength.

My only warning: Don’t read this book in public. Tears will flow.

Recommended for the world. Starting with my kids tonight.

Happy Reading!

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