What’s One Man Book Club?

Me and my crew!

Hint: It’s not just for guys!

I’m Dan the reading dad.  Welcome to my book club!

Here’s a surprise for you: I love to read.

This is why I’m here, and I suspect it’s why you’re here too.  I read for the joy of reading, and I write book reviews so I can share what I love.

My reviews are focused on helping others, particularly parents and discerning adults, find books that are age and content appropriate for them and their families.

I hate being surprised by the content in the books I read, and I especially hate being surprised by the content in the books my kids read.  Just because our kids CAN read a book doesn’t mean our kids SHOULD read it!

Subscribe to One Man Book Club on YouTube for weekly content aware video book reviews and other bookish content. There’s a nice collection of cool One-Minute Book Reviews over there, with more being added weekly!

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And last–but really first–here at www.onemanbookclub.com you’ll find hundreds of content aware book reviews and curated book lists by age where you’re sure to discover something for even your most ambitious young readers.

Come be social with me!

I’m really glad you’re here.  I hope you find something great to read.

Happy Reading!


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