#TheLuckUglies 1-3: Boo-Ya! I lost my voice…

The Luck Uglies #1
The Luck Uglies #2, Fork-Tongued Charmers
The Luck Uglies #3, Rise of the Ragged Clover

By Paul Durham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I just read all three books in The Luck Uglies series.

I wish I had a bell to ring.

Or a standing ovation to give.

Maybe just start cheering until I lose my voice?

I would…but that’d be awkward.

I’ll have to settle for a book review.

Middle-grade is so hard to write for. It has to be accessible for children who want to be thrilled, but aren’t ready to be thrilled. Usually, this means middle-grade books are dumbed down so much they become–well–dumb. That’s why I get excited when I discover an excellent middle-grade series…because it’s so hard to write right! (See what I did there?)

A talented author can do it.

Paul Durham did it.

The Luck Uglies is excellent.

The series is so well written and easy to read. The story is exciting. The action gets your heart racing. The heroes are regular kids who do brave things, even though their scared. The bad guys are rotten. The creatures are spooky. The main character is an 11-year-old girl who’s smart and strong, but also clumsy and stubborn. The importance of family. Honor. Keeping your word.

All while being content appropriate and accessible to young readers. Girls will love it. Boys will love it. Parents will love it. Adults who aren’t parents that like middle-grade fiction? Yep, you too.

BTW, the names in these books are wonderful.  Best use of creative naming I’ve ever read.  Seriously.

Thanks Paul Durham. You’ve won yourself a fan. What’s next?

[Slow clap, getting to my feet…clapping faster…faster..now cheering…AAAAAHHHHH!!!]
Lost my voice.

Happy reading!

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The Luck Uglies #2
The Luck Uglies #3

12 responses to “#TheLuckUglies 1-3: Boo-Ya! I lost my voice…”

  1. “dumbed down so much they become–well–dumb” – that’s the perfect way to describe them. My kid’s not old enough to read yet, but I’m definitely adding these to the list for when he is. Awesome!

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    • Still alive and kicking! I’ve been book-silent because I’m currently beta-reading a 1000+ pager and I’ve been a sworn to secrecy. I’ve been blog silent because, well, life. 6 kids, as you know… If somethings got to give, blogging will be the first thing! Thanks for checking in on me, I appreciate it! I’ve got all these ideas for blog posts… One day I’ll get to them!

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