#TheGreatGatsby: IT’S A TIME MACHINE (Also, don’t go in the pool, Jay!)

The Great Gatsby
By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars
Best for: 16 and up

Well, that was refreshing.

This was another buddy read with my HS Senior’s AP Lit class. So often the classic books they read are more literature as art vs literature as escape. Occasionally those lines cross, and the art becomes the escape, and that’s what Gatsby was for me.

I loved The Great Gatsby!

The writing was a treat. How can such a small book feel so big? I wasn’t reading about time period–I was IN the time period. NYC, the roaring 20’s, the parties, the roadsters, the gangsters, the mansion, the bay…I was there!

I enjoyed it, so did my Senior. Tears may have been involved.

Highly recommend. 16 and up.

Happy Reading!

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