#Skyward: Callsign–AWESOME

By: THE Brandon Sanderson
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars
Best for: 12 and up

What happens when the king of Fantasy writes Science Fiction?

You get magical science fiction…

…and it’s awesome!

Three generations ago, humans crash landed on a deserted planet. Giant underground living spaces, tech manufacturing facilities, and layers of orbiting space debris that block the stars are all that’s left of an earlier civilization. It’s enough to survive…and even enough to build a fleet of space fighters to defend themselves against the aliens who want to destroy them.

Skyward is packed with awesome. White-knuckled, star-fighter versus alien dogfights. A patented Sanderson magic system disguised as science-fiction-future-space-tech. A mysterious star-fighter with advanced AI…think what would happen if Eragon had bonded with a spaceship instead of a dragon.

Prejudice to overcome. Questions to answer. Redemption to find.

Friends to make. Lessons to learn. Hubris to outgrow.

The characters. The story. The funny. The sad.

The strong, female lead.

The ingredients are all there, and Skyward delivers.

I loved this book!

Skyward is the first in a three or four book series. Book two, Starsight, is scheduled for Fall 2019. While Skyward certainly teases a larger story arc, there are no cliff-hangers here to prevent you from jumping on the bandwagon early. Skyfall should be on the Christmas list of every reader, young an old.

12 and up should be able to enjoy Skyward. There are character deaths, bullying, and fighting. No language, no gory violence, no sex.

Happy Reading!

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