#LettersfromaChristmasElf: Is your family normal?


Letters from a Christmas Elf: Unexpected humor for any season
By: Kurt and Kirsten Johnston
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars

I’m so glad to know my family is normal, at least according to the Johnston standard.

Which doesn’t say much…


Never mind.

Kurt and Kirsten Johnston have written some great Christmas Letters over the years, even before their first (of eight!) kids joined the party. Letters from a Christmas Elf: Unexpected Humor for any Season, is a compilation of all those letters–complete with the goofy silliness of what happens when you’re raising teens to tots at the same time and in the same house!

Told from the perspective of the (un)lucky elf assigned by Santa to keep tabs on the Johnston family through the year, we get an insiders peek into the life of a family that takes not taking yourself too seriously to a whole new (and enviable) level.

While reading their true-story escapades made me smile, discovering my own family isn’t as crazy as I thought was the true win for me. This book would make a great gift for anyone who needs a reminder that kids are obnoxious, parents are winging it, no family is perfect, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Happy Reading!

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