#TheRuleofThree: The de-Evolution of Society


The Rule of Three (The Rule of Three, Book 1)
The Fight for Power (The Rule of Three, Book 2)
Will to Survive (The Rule of Three, Book 3)
By: Eric Walters
My Rating: Four out of Five stars
Best for: 12 and up

Imagine: Everything with a circuit board breaks.  Thanos-snap instant.  No warning.

Lights.  Phones.  Cars.  Computers.  Gas pumps.  Semi Trucks.  Airplanes–in mid-air.

Kids are stuck at school.  Parents can’t get home from work.

Fire departments can’t respond. Police cars don’t run.  Garbage can’t get picked up.  Hospitals can’t save lives.

No electricity.  No water.  No money.

No refrigerator.  No microwave.


How fast would the grocery stores run out of food?  How would you get drinking water?  How would you keep your kids warm?

How would you protect your family?

There are a lot of books about the de-evolution of society if it were to all shut down.  The Rule of Three is the only one I’ve read that’s accessible to young people.

Any story on the subject is terrifying.


Because it could happen.

The Rule of Three does a great job putting us in the middle of it.  It’s the story of 16-year-old Adam and how he, his family, and his community respond to this scenario.  Through team work and group cooperation, they accomplish great things—including defending themselves against those who want to do harm.  Themes of ethics, friendship, problem solving, being prepared, family love, making hard decisions, society, and human rights are thoughtfully considered.

It’s age appropriate middle grade.  Unlike most books on this topic, there is no language and no sex.  There are violent situations, but no gore.  Plenty of drama.  It’s a great way for you and your young readers to ask, “What if?” and “How prepared am I?”

There is a right-wing slant on issues around the role of government and gun control, just in case that consideration is important for you.

Happy reading!

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