#JurassicPark: How to get eaten alive with style…

Jurassic Park
By: Michael Crichton
My Rating: Five out of Five Stars

I decided to re-read Jurassic Park  for my beach vaca read this year (2015).

Good choice me.

I first read Jurassic Park in 1992-ish while in high school: pre-original movie, pre-CGI, and pre-internet. I loved it then, before anyone had given me any visuals. My imagination was all I needed.

Poor Henry Wu.

Today, I found just as much magic as the first time–and maybe even more as my adult experiences have given me more perspective on life, death, and what it would actually mean to get eaten by a dinosaur.

And now I can have another 23 years to picture Henry Wu’s guts being eaten while he’s still alive by the Velociraptors he created.

Totally awesome.

Heavy on the science, light on the language, and a lot of people get eaten by dinosaurs.

Happy Reading!

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