#TheFirstGirlChild: So, am I one of Amy’s Harmonies now?

The First Girl Child
By: Amy Harmon
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 16 and up

Oh my goodness, there are some passionate Amy Harmon fan’s out there!

I tried to join the Amy’s Harmonies private Facebook Group to see what the fuss was all about, but have yet to be approved. Maybe One Man Book Club doesn’t fit their demographic? LOL! Dunno, no big deal. She’s a prolific writer (something like 20 books in 9 years!) and every book is revered (her Goodreads average is 4.29!), so naturally wanted to see what the fuss was about. The First Girl Child seemed most my speed, so that’s where I started.

The verdict? I’m impressed!

Will I read more? Absolutely!

I’m more a fan of books about something cool that has romance in it than a fan of books about romance, and The First Girl Child fit my tastes perfectly. I loved the fictional Norse world in the story, and I thought it was very well imagined, wonderfully built, and perfectly executed. Theology, culture, government, the magic system, and even societal expectations were delivered clearly, and in a way I would have expected from a much longer book. Skilled writing, indeed!

While the world building was top notch, I think Amy earned her Harmonies because of her strong characters and her ability to make them connect–with each other and with the reader. That’s exactly what I found here. I had plans for the characters from the first chapter, and there was a delicious slow burn as the pages turned themselves to the mostly satisfying end.


I found the climax a bit underwhelming. While I did finish satisfied, I wanted a the bad guys to get more than they got. But then again, I’m used to reading epic sized Brandon Sanderson fantasies, and the drama in a story like this serves a different purpose. So while I might have ended things a bit differently, I also can’t fault the author for likely giving her fans exactly what they wanted. So we’re good.

There is no language, some violence, and a couple of brief sex scenes. There is more focus on the emotion than the sex though, and I kind of felt like some of the specifics would be over the head of the older teens who might want to read this one. I’ll recommend The First Girl Child for 16 and up, with a strong suggestion that mom or dad reads it along with them to allow for some good discussion.

Get your copy here!

Happy Reading!

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