#QB: My Life Behind the Spiral–Steve Young Drinks Milk

QB: My Life Behind the Spiral
By: Steve Young, with Jeff Benedict
Best for: 14 and up

This was a surprise!

I’ve had NFL great Steve Young’s biography sitting in my Audible Library for a while, but always found a reason to skip it. I generally opt for fiction over reality in my books! But it spoke to me this month, so instead of skipping over it again I opened it up, gave it a listen…

…and was hooked after the first chapter!

I had SO much fun reading football story after football story. From high school running back in Connecticut to 8th string Quarterback at BYU; from learning under future great Jim McMahon at BYU to backing up current great Joe Montana; from winning the Super Bowl with the 49ers, to retirement and everything in between–this book is packed full of play-by-play descriptions of key games, on-the-field events, side-lines antics, and locker room scenes of some of the most iconic moments of his Hall of Fame career.

It was a blast reading how Steve interacted with so many famous and influential players, coaches, leaders, and teachers. I wore out YouTube looking for videos of the games and plays he described and watching how things played out after he finished telling the story from his perspective.

Steve Young is not an ordinary human. He’s accomplished too much to be considered ordinary. Yet he earned everything he achieved. His stories about working hard, persevering, overcoming adversity, and achieving goals are every parent’s dream come true–I’ve already dropped a few Steve Young stories on my kids! His achievements aren’t limited to the football field, either. His journey through dealing with, understanding, and coming to terms with the severe anxiety he battled make his accomplishments even more significant. I especially appreciated Steve’s openness about his religious beliefs and how they influenced his life and his decisions.

As far as biographies go, it’s pretty light. Steve explained that he wrote his memoir for his kids: they never saw him play, and we wanted them to know about his very full life before they were born.
There are no dirty secrets revealed, no conspiracies. Contrary to what you might expect to find in the behind-the-scenes life of a NFL Quarterback who was an extremely eligible bachelor his entire career, it’s a G-rated memoir of a G-rated man. As a G-rated dad, I loved that too!

Turns out, that’s just Steve Young: devoted to family, faith, and football.

I loved this story, and I bet you will to.

Best for 14 and up.

Get your copy here!

Happy Reading!

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