#Dawnshard: “Just” a novella…

Dawnshard (Stormlight Archive, Book 3.5)
By: THE Brandon Sanderson
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE Stars
Best For: 14 and up

Brandon Sanderson cracks me up when he calls his 200-page books “novellas.” It takes him like a week to write the thing and acts like it was an afterthought…it’s not a novel or a book, it’s just a novella.

As if every other 200 page BOOK isn’t worthy of the title…

But dang, if there’s anyone who’s earned the right to re-define “BOOK”, it’s THE Brandon Sanderson. He might have “thrown together” this “short” novella, but my word, it’s so good!

Dawnshard is officially Stormlight book 3.5, meant to be read after Oathbringer and before Rhythm of War. As a tool to advance the story of the Stormlight Archive, it’s absolutely a feast for fans of The Cosmere. As a stand-alone story, it’s outstanding. I laughed out loud, was intrigued by the mystery, felt all kinds of anxiety for my favorite characters, and was so impressed by themes of having confidence, overcoming adversity, and accepting those who are different than ourselves.

All summed up, Dawnshard was classic Brandon Sanderson. In a word: exceptional.

Even if it was “just” a novella.

No content issues. Best for 14 and up. Dawnshard will be best appreciated by fans of the Stormlight Archives who have read the previous books.

Get your copy here!

Now–on to Rhythm of War!!

Happy Reading!

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