A Book Club Guest Review of The Story of Awkward

The Story of Awkward
By: R. K. Ryals
Reviewer Rating: FIVE out of FIVE Stars!
Best for: 14 and up

Wonderful look inside the world of Awkward
Review by Julie Hilton

Peregrine Stork is awkward. Because of it she has been bullied her whole life. She has found a great way to deal with it. She carries a sketchbook with her everywhere and draws an imaginary world into which she would like to escape.

I think an art therapist would love this book! I found it to be completely entertaining while thought provoking.

I loved the way the author made a fantasy story tell about life problems in such a way that it was totally relatable. And the conclusion or solution if you will was amazingly plausible and insightful.
It’s a tough story as fairy tales go. All this came from a girl being bullied. Awful stuff. And her drawings certainly tell the story.

There is ugly and might be best for older kids and adults but younger kids could learn if good discussions are held.

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Happy Reading!

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