#SpaceCaptainSmith: Funny, not hilarious

Space Captain Smith (Chronicles of Isambard Smith, Book 1)
By: Toby Frost
My Rating: Did Not Read. Goodreads Avg 3.71, Amazon Avg 4.1
Best For: 18 and up

I haven’t read Space Captain Smith myself, but I was asked for an opinion. So I did some research, and here’s what I learned:

Space Captain Smith is dry British Comedy that tries hard to be funny but doesn’t always land. Think Monty Python x Flash Gordon x Terry Pratchett x Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

The comedy and innuendo (lots of innuendo) was written with adults in mind, and a lot of it is “below-the-belt.” I would not expect most young teens to appreciate it like an adult would.

I didn’t discover any specific content issues around language or sexual content, one character is a sex robot who is on the run from her employer.

Regarding accessibility for young readers, because my research didn’t uncover specific references to offensive content, my concern would be less about the content and more about if a young reader would actually enjoy the book. It seems that the humor would be over the head of a young teen, and the story doesn’t appear to be strong enough to compensate.

As a parent, I’d also want to have some conversations about that sex robot and the innuendo, so if this is a book your young reader wants to read you might consider reading it along with him so you can discuss. Using my rating system, I would rate this book as best for 18 and up, but that’s simply a guide from one informed parent to other parents looking for advice. Each family and child is different, so use your best judgment with the information you have.

Good luck parents! Rest assured, there are many, MANY age appropriate books out there that your young readers will love.

Happy Reading!

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