#DeathsDoor: Did you know Edgar Allan Poe could time travel?


Death’s Door (The Immortal Descendants, Baltimore Mysteries #1)
By: April White
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE Stars
Best for: 14 and up

April White writes the stories I want to read!

I hope you’ll check out her Immortal Descendants series. It’s time travel, shape-shifters, and vampires (who don’t sparkle). It brings to life the people and places we only know from history books and gives them color and personality we didn’t know we needed. In these stories we walk the streets of Jack the Ripper’s London, climb the Tower of London with Queen Elizabeth, fight along side Joan of Arc, and crack Nazi codes in 1940 France. Sounds fun, right?

That’s because it is.

Death’s Door was an unexpected trip back into the world of the Immortal Descendants. It’s a bite-sized story full of exactly those things that make April White’s books such a treat. This time there’s a twist: the historical figure we get to rub shoulders with IS the time traveler, and he travels forward in time to meet us instead of us traveling back to meet him!

Did you know Edgar Allan Poe could travel through time?

Death’s Door kicks off a new series of stories set in the world of the Immortal Descendants where there are new characters to meet and new adventures to find. Strong HERo’s with morals and a message have become April’s calling card, so you can be sure that’s what you’ll find here as well. All signs point to some future romance, too.

The Immortal Descendants are packed full of the stuff I love to read, and Death’s Door is a very, very welcome addition.

I bet you’re going to love it too.

No content concerns. Best for 14 and up.

Happy Reading!

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