#ForgettingYou: If the Hallmark Channel were a book series…


Forgetting YOU
By: Hillary Ann Sperry
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 16 and up

I don’t love romance novels (because they’re barf), but I do love supporting family friendly literature, friends who are authors, local-to-me authors, and undiscovered authors who deserve to be known.

So when a talented, local friend publishes her first book that is content aware AND it’s great, it’s basically a perfect storm and I can’t stay away.

Even if it is a kissing book…

Forgetting You is a cute story about childhood best friends who grew up and apart and watched what might have been slip through their grasp–only to get a second chance at first love six years later. I enjoyed that the characters grew, I enjoyed that the plot pulled me along, and I even enjoyed the believable romance.

It’s a story made for the Hallmark Channel, right down to the kiss as the credits roll.

The story is set in beautiful Eureka Springs, a too-picturesque-to-be-true town built into the hills of the Ozark Mountains. It’s a town that was made to be written about, and this book does a great job of turning the town into another character to drive the plot.

A rarity for romance, Forgetting You keeps the steam rated PG, which I appreciate. There are several instances of shirtless guy appreciation, but that’s about as risque you’ll find. I measure these things on whether my teenage daughter and I would be comfortable reading the content together, and I say this story would be best for 16 and up. These are still adults having adult interactions and adult experiences, after all.

I enjoyed Forgetting You, and I bet fans of clean romance will enjoy it as well.

Happy Reading!

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