#Pax: Baited and switched.


By: Sara Pennypacker (Illustrated by: Jon Klassen)
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: 14 and up

Yes! An “Incredible Journey” story! Yea! That’s just what I’m in the mood for and what my kids will love!

Baited. Switched.


What Pax is: Beautfully written. Lovely illustrations. Excellent characters. Moving.

What Pax is not: An uplifting, “Incredible Journey” story.

Pax is a middle grade book about a boy coming to grips with suppressed grief over his mother’s death and his father’s anger-fueled abuse, with an undertone of war is bad and humans ruin everthing.

So, where I was looking to be uplifted and for something to share with my kids, I found a well-written book that will help kids deal with grief, missplaced guilt, and parental abuse.

It’s even too much for middle grade, honestly. It’s complex, heavy, and sad.

There’s a time for Pax, because it is a powerful story. It just wasn’t my time for Pax. Maybe it will be yours.

14 and up.

Happy reading!

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