#Oathbringer: 1,243 pages and I STILL want more!


By: [The Great] Brandon Sanderson

My Rating: Five out of Five Stars.

I expected Oathbringer to be awesome.

It was awesome.

I feared Oathbringer wouldn’t be able to improve on the greatest fantasy series of the day.

It did.

I hoped Oathbringer would be the best book I’ve ever read.

It is. But then again, every new Brandon Sanderson book becomes my new favorite, so…ya.

It’s not just the brilliant story that gets me. Or the complex universe (yes, universe. Not the world, UNIVERSE!) that is so much fun to discover. Or the amazing battle and fight scenes that somehow are detailed, yet easy to follow. Or the writing, so comfortable to read you get to the end and wish there was more–even after 1,243 pages.

It’s more than those.

Oathbringer is about the characters. They are so well written, multilayered and imperfect. I cheered for them all. Every one.

If you’ve read The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, rest assured, Oathbringer is everything you are hoping it will be. You’ll want to read Edgedancer first, and if you’re really into the details I recommend reading (or rereading) Warbreaker as well.

If you’ve been holding off on starting The Stormlight Archives, remove your inhibitions and join the bandwagon. There’s never been another series that justifies the hype as much as this. If you’re waiting for all the books to be written first…well, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. And you’ll be missing out all along the way.

No language. No sex. War violence that is comparatively mild.

Do it.

Happy Reading!

3 responses to “#Oathbringer: 1,243 pages and I STILL want more!”

    • Have you not started the stormlight archives yet? Oh… I’m actually jealous! You’re in for a treat!

      My son asked me yesterday if Stormlight is better than Harry Potter–the highest standard all other books are measured against. After a thoughtful moment I had to admit–for the first time ever: Yes! I love The Stormlight Archives as much as I love Harry Potter.

      THAT is the highest honor I can give. Good luck!

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