#Lirael (The Abhorsen Trilogy, #2): Obviously, I missed something.

47629Lirael (The Abhorsen Trilogy, #2)

By: Garth Nix

My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Huh. There are a lot of people who really love this book.

Obviously I missed something.

I found the plot tedious…which is understandable because NOTHING HAPPENS. I kept holding out for some big resolution at the end that would explain the adulation–but no. Nothing.

The characters are idiots…which explains why I wanted to PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. I held on because I thought once they moved through their development arc their heroic moment would bring payoff–but it never came. They actually got worse.

There is an interesting story here, and I suspect this is why the book has fans. I also get the impression that book 2 and book 3 are probably more like one book, so the resolution to the grand story arc I was looking for probably doesn’t come until the end of book three.

I’m going to give this a positive recommendation for young people. It’s an adventure, has some complexity, and is unique. The writing is adequate. I know some teens who will probably love it.

For myself and other like-minded folks…I couldn’t wait to be finished with it. I don’t even care to read book 3.

But what do I know?

Happy reading!

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