A Book Club Guest Review of Swords of Joseph

Swords of Joseph
By: M R Durbin
Guest Reviewer Rating: FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS
Best for: 10 and up

Moses Mystery Historic Fiction
Guest Review by Julie Hilton

Joshua and Caleb are troublemakers when they can’t handle the Egyptians anymore!! Their troubles come to the attention of Moses who has recently returned to free the slaves from Pharaoh. He gives joshua and Caleb a task to find the bones of Joseph because 400 years earlier it was prophesied they (bones) would lead the slaves out of Egypt. But finding Joseph is like an Indiana Jones movie in ancient times! Secrets, clues, bad guys, girls who may or may not be spies, and a whiny “assistant” assigned to help Joshua and Caleb by Moses so they couldn’t just get rid of him!

I loved it! It was a whole new twist on Moses getting ready to leave Egypt the second time. We focus on the plagues and Pharaoh… But there were other prophecies to attend to as well.

Not really any content concerns…unless you count spies, lies and murderous rogues!

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Happy Reading!

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