A Book Club Guest Review of Her Last Breath

Her Last Breath
By: Hilary Davidson

Guest Reviewer Rating: FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS
Best for:14 and up

Was it her heart? Really?
Guest review by Julie Hilton

Diedre’s sister died suddenly. It was ruled unknown heart problem but after her death, Diedre received an email from her sister saying if anything happened to her to know it was murder, look at her husband and take care of her son. Diedre discovers things are not always as they seem. She needs to learn a lot, forgive a little, and find out who people really are to solve the mystery of her sisters death and reunite parts of her family.

I loved the fast pace and mystery which unraveled in layers. And I liked the way people’s characters were revealed.

Watch out for murder, self abuse (cutting, etc), mental health issues, money laundering.

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Happy Reading!

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