A Book Club Guest Review of Just Mercy (YA Adaptation)

Just Mercy (adapted for young adults)
By: Bryan Stephenson
Best for: 12 and up

Just Mercy or Miraculous Mercy?
Guest Review by Julie Hilton

A new lawyer wants to help people who were wrongly convicted and on death row. The major story about Walter McMillian, accused of murder and his road to fighting the death penalty, is weaved in and around several other stories. Bryan Stephenson tells of his work with death row inmates to kids tried as adults and sentenced to life without parole. It’s frustrating with some happy results. It’s a study of racism, failed justice, and occasional Mercy.

I liked getting another view of the death penalty. Mostly objective I thought. I didn’t like reading about small towns with closed minds.

I haven’t read the original yet but this adaptation for young adults handled difficult situations in a manner I would be ok with my 11 year old reading.

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Happy Reading!

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