A Book Club Guest Review of Floating Twigs

Floating Twigs
By: Charles Tabb
Reviewers Rating: FIVE out of FIVE STARS
Best for: 16 and up

Justice, delayed, and lots of Mercy
Guest Review by Julie Hilton

A boy rescues a dog and must find a way to feed and get vet care. Trying to find work makes him some enemies and some friends: an older man, and elderly eccentric woman and a businessman. At a critical point enemies combine to hurt the boys friends with false accusations. Trial ensues. A study of Mercy, justice, forgiveness. Tragedy of gossip and revenge, and miracle of love and friendship.

I loved the story and lessons taught. I hated the ugly gossip which led to accusations of crime.

There are some content concerns. The trial was for accusations of sodomy and improper relations with a minor child. It was handled well but still not for younger children.

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Happy Reading!

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