A Book Club Guest Review of Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Where the Forest Meets the Stars
By: Glendy Vanderah
Reviewer Rating: FIVE out of FIVE STARS
Best for: 12 and up

A Five Star Read!
Review by: Julie Hilton

A post grad student is recovering from a death, and a serious medical condition, and a breakup. She is working in a remote area, secluded and using work to both escape and recover. Into her sphere is brought a recluse with other issues and a girl who comes from the forest saying she is an alien looking for five miracles before she can return home from studying earth. She is obviously in rough shape, no shoes, ragged clothes and bruises. She calls herself Ursa Major. The three end up helping each other in many ways from simple to lifesaving events.

I loved it! Hard to believe it was a first novel. The characters had depth and mystery. They were developed like the peeling of an onion, layer by layer, not being fully understood until the end, at which time you want to know where they go next. The Message: family is who you allow into your inner circle.

There is violence and abuse. Subtly suggested on the latter. Very little of each.

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Happy Reading!

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