A Book Club Guest Review of The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club

The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club
By: Ann Warner
Reviewer Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 10 and up

A fun mystery with a sea of complicated people!
Review by: Julie Hilton

A woman gets shuttled off to a retirement home by her son after an inheritance. She has other plans and other resources. She gets tricked into being “sociable” when she had no intention of getting to know anyone…and more importantly no intention of letting anyone getting to know her. This leads her to suggest to her new acquaintances something she hopes will stop the whole mess…strip poker. Which becomes naked poker which actually involves the loser telling a really good and true story about themselves. This leads to good friendships, some marriages, bad guys caught (or changed) and a lot of fun with a naughty parrot and eccentric characters.

I have very much enjoyed the first four books in this series. I find it just a good, fun, relaxing read, which is much needed on occasion. I especially like the characters, who each have a developing back story which may or may not get resolved, but which gives thoughtful addition to the story as a whole. I like the eccentric recluse who gets drawn in to the mystery and drawn out by new acquaintances, some of whom become friends. Message? Maybe all is not what it seems and it pays to look beyond first impressions and also to follow intuitive feelings.

There is a parrot who gets taught around book 2 or 3 by a resident of the facility , who may have alzheimer’s (not clear, she may just hate men), to say “penis” very loudly every time it senses a man nearby. Otherwise I would say it’s almost G rated. I’d give it a PG.

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