#NetworkEffect: #Murderbot is back–Introverts have a new hero!


Network Effect (The Murderbot Diaries, Book 5)
By: Martha Wells
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars!
Best for: Adults only

All right! A new Murderbot story!

If you’re not familiar with Murderbot but you’re a fan of Scy-Fy and good stories, you’re going to want to check out All Systems Red, book 1 in The Murderbot Diaries. Because I’m a full service book-reviewer, here’s a convenient link: FIX YOUR LACK OF MURDERBOT HERE!

Last time I wrote a review for a Murderbot story, I was inspired to write a poem–which I’ll not force you to endure again here. But that’s how much I love these stories about a security bot designed as a killing machine who becomes self-aware, hacks its own governor modular, has an identity crisis, and chooses to protect its Humans (even though it’d rather be watching TV).

This is the first full length novel in The Murderbot Diaries. The first 4 books are <200 pages and introduce Murderbot and its Humans. (Not friends though. Obviously Murderbot can’t have friends. Why would anyone want to be friends with a Murderbot?) Book 5, Network Effect, is a stand alone adventure that can technically be enjoyed without having read the first 4 books, but not truly appreciated.

Who would have ever thought a sentient android killing machine would be so easy to relate to? I love all the time we spend inside of Murderbot’s head, hearing how it thinks and processes uncomfortable social interactions. Of course, for Murderbot every social interaction is an uncomfortable one. Introverts, you have a new hero!

Murderbot is more human than most humans I know.

Of course, these stories aren’t all snappy dialogue and witty fun. When it’s time for Murderbot to start protecting its humans…that’s when things really get awesome! There’s a benefit to being a sentient being with a computer for a brain: Murderbot fights with both its weapons and its technology. The integration of computer hacking and fighting sequences is a blast to read and make me love Murderbot even more!

There is language and machine violence that parents and other discerning adults will want to be aware of. Murderbot is best for adults.

Happy reading!

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