#AlongCameaSpider: Yea…no.


Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross, Book 1)

By: James Patterson

My Rating: One out of Five Stars

Best for: Adults who like to read about violence against women and children

Yea…no. Going to gracefully set this one aside.

I always heard James Patterson is an author I was missing out on, and the Alex Cross series is on the PBS list of 1oo Great American Reads. Along Came a Spider was made into a movie with Morgan Freeman! James Patterson is the worlds best selling author! Obviously this is a book I needed read.


I pushed through to 10% and bailed. I want to be uplifted when I read. This book made me feel sad.

I had two major issues:

1) The language was exceptionally strong and unnecessary. Way more F-bombs than I’m interested in.
2) The violence against children and women was sickening. I don’t need that.

So, there you go. If you’re comfortable with those content warnings it’s likely a good book. I looked up the plot twist. It probably would have been cool to see it unravel.

I’m good without it. There are too many positive things to read to waste my time on the negative.

Happy Reading (of something else!)

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