#Wishtree: A book with a purpose


By: Katherine Applegate
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 10 and up


I didn’t like the beginning, but LOVED the ending. So Wishtree was net positive for me.

Katherine Applegate has become known for middle-grade books with a purpose.

She’s given us a kids-eye-view on immigration, treatment of animals, and poverty. In her most recent book, Wishtree, she covers racism and inclusion.

While I don’t normally enjoy books with agendas, it seems like teachers and schools do. So I try to stay up to speed. And I must admit, Katherine Applegate’s books are helping kids get outside of themselves and see life through the eyes of their fellow humans. I find this a tremendously valuable exercise for children and a main reason I’m an advocate for helping match kids with books they will love.

So while I often find Katherine Applegate a bit heavy handed in her messaging, she does do a great job of making difficult topics accessible to our younger independent readers.

I don’t know that makes me a fan, but it does make me appreciate.


Wishtree is narrated by a tree.

Do authors take dares? Hey KA, I bet you can’t write a book where the main character is a tree!

Dare or not, she pulled it off–especially considering a tree can’t move, so the entire story takes place immediately around and in the tree. There are tree jokes, and tree friends, and even a little bit of tree magic in the story.

Speaking of the story…Wishtree is about a Muslim girl who wants a friend but instead gets hate.

Until the Wishtree decides to save the day.

The book has a very sweet ending that brought tears to my dad eyes. Its message has universal application. It’s content appropriate for all ages.

Happy Reading!

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