#CodeofConduct: April White knows a lot about kissing.

Code of Conduct (Cipher Security, Book 1)
By: April White
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best For: Adults only

If you haven’t read a book by April White yet, it’s your fault, not hers. (Marking Time is free on Amazon people!)

Not to worry! There’s plenty of room on the bandwagon, and there’s still time to claim you knew her before she became a household name. But you’d better hurry!

April White is about to break out.

April is the author of the outstanding Immortal Descendants series and the very fun Baker Street mystery series, and I recommend both. She has stepped into a new genre with Code of Conduct, and while kissing books are outside of my normal happy place, turn’s out April’s as comfortable here as she is writing historical fiction mixed with vampires and time travel.

Obviously, she knows a lot about kissing.

As a member of the April White fan club, April asked me to read her new story and share my thoughts. So I did, and here they are.

Code of Conduct is an adult’s-only contemporary romance set in the world of Penny Reid’s Knitting in the City Series. Penny Reid is the author of all those kissing books featuring cross-stitched dudes with beards on the covers…I know you’ve seen them. Anyway, April is one of a handful of authors hand-picked to write stories in Penny’s world. And the world of kissing stories has gotten better for it.

Like all of April’s books, Code of Conduct features strong female characters who are many things I hope my daughters will be, plus strong male characters who act like honorable fathers and husbands should. When it comes to roles of men and women, April speaks my language, and it’s one reason I appreciate her stories. Plus the characters are perfectly imperfect. They are layered, show growth, and are ready-made to be loved and cheered for.

Code of Conduct is also packed full of the nerdy, pop-culture stuff I love to discover in the books I read. The movie, music, book, and Broadway references were all on point, just the way I like it! Even this guy, who usually uses colorful adjectives like “BARF!” and “EW!” to describe romance novels, found myself pulled along by this fun and engaging story.

If I had one wish, it would be that strong language and explicit sex was not a part of this lovely adventure. But it’s there, so be aware. You can expect to find a strong swear word about every 7 pages in this book. There are two explicit sex scenes. One in chapter 43 and one in chapters 49 and 50.

I’m a big fan of April White, and I bet you will be too! Give the Immortal Descendants and Baker Street series a try. They are content appropriate for ages 14 and up. If the content in Code of Conduct doesn’t bother you and kissing books are your thing, you’ll enjoy Code of Conduct, too!

Code of Conduct is appropriate for adults only. It will be available to the world on October 15th, 2019.

Happy reading!

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