#TheSingularityTrap: Science Fact? A first contact space thriller!


The Singularity Trap
By: Dennis E. Taylor
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for 16 and up

Who else is here because of The Bobiverse?

Dennis E. Taylor’s debut series The Bobiverse earned him a lot of fans. If you like ScyFy, you probably should have checked it out by now. The Singularity Trap is his Sophomore effort.

How’d he do?

It’s no Bob, but it’s just fine.

I love science fiction the most when the author convinces me the science fiction could be science fact, and that’s what Dennis E. Taylor does very, very well. Combine that with well-written characters and an engaging story and I’m a happy reader.

Humanity is in shambles. Governments have coalesced into two superpowers. Mother Earth is on her way out. Jobs and money are scarce. The oceans are rising. The forests are depleting. Space is the final frontier. Down on his luck, Ivan leaves his wife and two kids behind to play the odds as an asteroid miner. Find the big one, earn the pay out, and problems are solved forever. Or don’t, and stay poor. There is A LOT on the line. Anything less than finding the big one would be failure. Well, Ivan finds the big one all right…it’s just that it’s much bigger than anyone could have ever expected.

And now Ivan has to save the Human Race.

This is a space thriller and a unique take on a first contact story. The state of the humanity, alien tech, space ships, military drama. Science, space facts, game theory. It’s geeky stuff, written in a way that dumb people like me can read it and feel smart.

A bit of language. No sex or violence.  Heavy on the science. Big on thinking and imagination.

16 and up.

Happy reading!

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