#Warcross: YA fiction = reality optional


By: Marie Lu
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: 14 and up

Warcross is good, YA fun.

Really, that’s all you need. Because, you know…YA.

All the stuff you love in your standard Young Adult novel is packed into the two books of Warcross. I could complain about them, but I don’t really feel like it. I’ll just say the romantic relationship was about as deep as my cereal bowl, the hacking skills that solved every problem were as realistic as a Micheal Bay movie, and the character development was–let’s see, what’s the best word here–nonexistant? Absent? Missing?

You get the idea. Warcross isn’t going to be winning any awards based on literary merit.

But, that’s not always why we read, is it? If I ignored the lack of reality, I was able to enjoy the mindless fun–along with legions of teenage Marie Lu fans who couldn’t care less about things like realistic relationships, actual science, or interesting characters.

I was intrigued by the Ready-Player-One-esc VR/AR world and the way it’s incorporated into all aspects of life in this dystopian (or maybe not so dystopian) future. That was legit cool. I can actually see some elements of the story becoming reality in my lifetime.

I’d love to read a story that took the best of Warcross and fixed the worst. Until I find that book, Warcross it is.

PG language throughout. One PG sex scene in book two. PG violence. 14 and up.

Happy reading!

2 responses to “#Warcross: YA fiction = reality optional”

  1. Good to know that you’re not one of the hordes who praise YA as a genre for being “existentially complex” and “soul gutting”. I cannot stand when readers try to pretend YA is usually anything more than a few explosions, shallow romance, and some humorous interactions. Excellent review!

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