#AgenttotheStars: Snot and Dog Farts


Agent to the Stars
By: John Scalzi
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: Adults

Before John Scalzi was John Scalzi, king of ScyFy, he wrote Agent to the Stars…just to see if writing a novel was something he could do.

Turns out, he could. The rest is history.

Agent to the Stars is a fun and unique story about Earth’s first alien encounter. The aliens have been monitoring out movies and TV for years, and finally have decided to come for a friendly visit. The only problem?

They look like snot and smell like dog farts.

They’ve seen the movies. They know how humans are going to react. The answer? Hire a Hollywood talent agent to manage their public image. Creative story telling, hilarious situations, and a surprising amount thoughtful humanity ensue.

I enjoyed Agent to the Stars. The characters developed, the story engaged, and the ending delivered. I still wish John Scalzi would buy a thesaurus and find some colorful adjectives other than the four-letter ones he frequently favors. As with all his books, be prepared for language. Because of language, this book is best suited for readers 18 and up.

Happy Reading!

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