#TheWoodcutter: Fairy tales on pixie dust…


The Woodcutter
By: Kate Danley
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars

The Woodcutter…fairy tales on pixie dust.

If you like fairy tale mash ups, you might want to give The Woodcutter a try. Impressively, it managed to reference so fairly tales I can’t actually think of one that didn’t get a mention.

In this story, the Woodcutter is in charge of keeping the world of the fae and the 12 magical kingdoms of humans at peace with each other. When a mysterious force starts killing the princesses of the 12 kingdoms, it’s up to the Woodcutter to discover the evil and save the day.

Whimsical writing, cleverly-incorporated fairy tales, a bit of greek mythology, a bunch of pixie dust addicts, and of course…a happy ending. There was a lot to enjoy in this book.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of words to get all those fairy tales represented, and so I found the book started to drag eventually. The whimsical prose might be a bit much for some, but I enjoyed it.

Content-wise it’s best for 12 and up. No language, but a bit of violence and some pixie-dust drug addictions.

Happy Reading!

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