#TheThiefWhoPulledOnTroublesBraids: This book is DENSE…


The Thief Who Pulled on Troubles Braid’s (Amra Thetys, #1)
By: Michael McClung
My Rating: THREE out of FIVE stars
Best for: Adults

Don’t be fooled by this little book.

It might only be 210 pages, but it’s dense.

Like lead. Or cheesecake. Or a black hole. Or a teenage brain.


This dense is more black hole dense than cheesecake dense–not good.

The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids was trying really hard to be brilliant, but it stumbled on itself. It takes way more than 210 pages to adequately build out the complex world this author has created. Many characters. Hard to remember names. Detailed, polytheistic religion. Hierarchy of government. History. City.

When the details stayed out of the way, there is actually a really fun story here. It’s too bad reading it was the equivalent of tripping over patio furniture while trying to play football in the back yard.

There are a lot of readers who loved this book, so if it sounds interesting to you, don’t automatically disregard it because of my issues. Maybe if you head into it knowing about the complexities you’ll be able to navigate them better than I did. There is definitely some fun to be had reading this book.

Watch out for some grown up language and violence.

Happy Reading!

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