#TheLastNamsara: There’s a girl kissing a dagger on the cover…


The Last Namasara
By: Kristen Ciccarelli
My Rating: THREE out of FIVE stars
Best for: 14 and up

I’m a sucker for books about dragons, so when I come across one that has great reviews I’m sort of obligated to check it out…

…even if it there’s a girl kissing a dagger on the cover.

That’s should have been my first clue.

There was a whole lot of potential for an awesome story here. Unfortunately, the author chose to focus her efforts describing the sharp jawline of the slave who could never be loved by the princess and pointing out each time thighs accidentally touched but didn’t pull away. This, instead of making sure the story actually made sense and the conflicts had realistic resolutions.

Obviously, I’m the wrong demographic for this book, so I’ll give some allowances for that. If you’re into sharp jawbones, accidentally intentional thigh connections, freckles that make you think of stars, AND dragons–this book is for you.

Otherwise, you can skip this one and thank me for the warning.

Happy Reading!

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