#AnUrchinofMeans (The Baker Street Series, #1): This Book is worth reading


An Urchin of Means (The Baker Street Series, Book 1)

By: April White

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I wish I could remember what made me pick up Marking Time, book 1 of April White’s Immortal Descendants series. Was it the time travel? The vampires and shapeshifters? The historical fiction? Jack the Ripper? Probably a lot of each of those.

But the biggest reason?

It was FREE. It still is. Right now, on Amazon. It. Is. Free. It costs you exactly nothing. You have no excuse. Except that you’re going to love it, and then you’re going to have to by the next 4 books–which aren’t free…

…but so worth reading. April White, indie author extraordinaire, writes books that are worth reading.

And with that preamble, I am happy to introduce you to her latest–An Urchin of Means, Book 1 of the Baker Street Series.

Ringo and Charlie, happily married and fresh off their time-traveling adventures in The Immortal Descendants series, have settled down in their native time and place—late Victorian Era, London. With a head full of the future and a past full of learning to survive alone on the streets, Ringo can’t help but be the coolest guy in town. So cool, in fact, that when his buddy Oscar Wilde invites Ringo to join Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle for lunch, Ringo’s exploits and skills of observation become source material for a certain famous detective.

Elementary, my dear.

An Urchin of Means is short enough to be read quickly, and the most interesting bits of history are woven seamlessly through the narrative like the fact and the fiction have always belonged together. This is historical fiction at its most fun. I loved it.

Here’s my prediction:

You’re going to give An Urchin of Means a try because it sounds like a fun story. (It is!)

You’re going to remember An Urchin of Means because of Oscar Wilde.

April let him steal the show, and I’m so glad she gave him the treatment he deserved. Oscar Wilde was a treasured personality who did not deserve the ignominious ending he received. Don’t know his history? Look him up. You’ll be happy you did.

Just like you’ll be happy you gave April White’s stories a try.

An Urchin of Means is written to stand alone. You don’t have to have read The Immortal Descendants first. Jump right in.

These are books worth reading.

Happy Reading!

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