#ThePictureofDorianGray: Creepy isn’t the same as scary…

Dorian GrayThe Picture of Dorian Gray

By: Oscar Wilde

My Rating: Four out of Five Stars

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a perfectly creepy book to read for Halloween.

Not scary, just creepy.

I’m not about to critique a classic, so I’ll just say that as a story it dragged in quite a few places, but as an example of Oscar Wilde’s witty genius, it’s brilliant.  Memorable one-liners abound.

It makes my heart hurt when I think about the wrongs done to Oscar Wilde.  How I wish he were alive today…what an entertaining figure he must have been!

  1. Read The Portrait of Dorian Gray.
  2. Read about Oscar Wilde’s life.
  3. Appreciate him.

Happy Reading!

Get your copy here


This is Dorian’s portrait hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago.  I took this pic when I visited a few years ago.  It was used in the 1945 film, and is MUCH creepier in person!


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