#Faithless: Ah…So that’s what “Grimdark” means.

By: Graham Austin-King
My Rating: Two out of Five Stars
My fault…I should have done a better job understanding what the sub-genre “grimdark” means.

I guess “grim” and “dark” should have been my first clues…

Parents selling their children to slavery. Pedophile Priests. Sadness. Despair. Self-repulsion. Gratuitous language. Grim. Dark.

I couldn’t finish. I read 20%, skimmed the middle, got the idea, and read the end. I never do that.

I get why it’s so loved. The writing is fantastic…the despair is real. I felt claustrophobic just reading about working in the mines. To those who appreciate powerful writing that stirs (negative) emotion, I understand your enthusiasm.

This wasn’t for me.

Happy Reading! (But not if you read this book.)

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