#AllTheseWorlds (Bobiverse, #3): Cheap and Easy. And Awesome.


All These Worlds by Dennis E. Taylor

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Well, THAT was a lot of fun!

Bob used to be human, but now he’s the AI brain of a self-replicating space probe. He thought his job would be exploring strange new worlds. He might have planned a little differently if he’d known he would end up being the savior of humanity…and not humanity.

I picked up We Are Legion (We Are Bob), book 1 of the Bobiverse, expecting a tongue-in-cheek, B-level, popcorn read that lured me in because it was cheap and easy and had a clever name.

Happily, I found a well written, unique ScyFy story with smart humor, real science, great characters, and an engaging story…

…that’s cheap and easy. And has a clever name.

Cheap, meaning the ebook is $3.99, and the audio book is only $1.99.

Easy, meaning it’s a book about rocket science that doesn’t read like rocket science.

The final book, All These Worlds, came out last week…and I loved it. It finished off the trilogy with all the right notes.

Two or three swears, but other than that no content issues. I highly recommend the audio books too.

Happy reading!

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