#TheAuthorities: Do you hate to laugh? Stop reading now.

The Authorities
The Authorities by Scott Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


If you hate books that make you laugh, Scott Meyer is certainly not for you. Go read The Road. That’ll cheer you down.

I was in the middle of The Authorities when I realized I was smiling. I didn’t recall when the smile started…it was just there. It stayed, and was even accompanied by spontaneous outbursts of laughter.

The Authorities is another terrifically fun read by Scott Meyer, author of Off to be the Wizard and Master of Formalities, and one I now have on my watch list. I’ll be looking out for any new books he decides to write. Hopefully I won’t have to wait long.

The Authorities has the same off-the-charts originality and humor, but is a bit different from the Wizard 2.o series and Master of Formalities in that it’s (a bit) more reality based. This time, an Elon Musk type has assembled a…unique? interesting? odd? eclectic? entertaining? Yes…an entertaining team of individuals as private detectives and provided them with state of the art crime fighting tools. “The Authorities” have to solve a murder mystery while making as big a spectacle as possible to ensure their billionaire patron gets a return on his investment. The more hits the videos of their embarrassing and ridiculous confrontations with murder suspects get on YouTube, the happier their boss is.

Fish out of water. Cool gadgets. Big guns. Awkward situations. Cutting edge technology. Running jokes. Hilarity aplenty.

No language, no sex, no violence. This one does have a (very funny) joke running through it about a sex toy that was used as a murder weapon, but it stays perfectly innocuous.

One other note…if you like audio books, Luke Daniels does all of Scott Meyer’s books. He is brilliant, those two are a match made in heaven.

Highly recommend.

Happy Reading!

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