#MasterofFormalities: Downton Abby+Dune+Monty Python

Master of Formalities
Master of Formalities by Scott Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


If you like to laugh, enjoy reading books, and like to laugh while you read books, I highly recommend you start reading books by Scott Meyer. He wrote the awesome and original Wizard 2.0 series, and I strongly suggest you go check it out.

Apparently, awesome and original is something Scott Meyer is very, very good at, because Master of Formalities was just as awesome and just as original.

Master of Formalities is a lot Downton Abby, plus a little bit of Dune, and sprinkled with a heavy dose of Monty Python throughout. It’s a hilarious scyfy space opera that makes you laugh while keeping you guessing about what comes next.

Other reviewers obviously aren’t as fun as I am…I see many fans of Wizard 2.0 didn’t enjoy Master of Formalities as much.

Those people are boring.

Luckily you are reading my review and not theirs. Go read Master of Formalities.

Nothing inappropriate with the content here.

Happy Reading!

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