In Times Like These

in-times-like-these3/5 stars

In Times Like These by Nathan Van Coops


This one’s all about the story

I’m a sucker for time travel stories, so I was very interested when I found In Time Like These–along with it’s raving reviews.

Turns out the reviews are justified! This was a really fun and fresh take on time travel. I loved the possibilities, and found myself looking forward to more time-traveling good guys vs time-traveling bad guys.

The writing was really rough.  First person POV is really hard to pull off well, particularly around dialogue, and I felt like the writing kept getting in the way of a really cool story.

The strength of this book is certainly its story, and the story is great enough that I’ll be coming back for more.

There is a bit of grown up language scattered throughout for those who need to know.  If you can look past some flaws to get to a really fun story, I encourage you to give In Times Like These a try!

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