Changing Nature (The Immortal Descendants #3)

changing-nature5/5 stars

Changing Nature (The Immortal Descendants #3) by April White

#ChangingNature: Three’s a Trend

In my business we say that two can be a coincidence, but three is a trend. If you ask me, The Immortal Descendants series is trending up to awesome. Book three, Changing Nature, is the best installment yet.

The story line is similar–the good guys have to travel back in time to stop the bad guy from breaking the time stream and causing mass calamity. This time we meet Joan of Arc, who turns out to be a total female dog. (No, really. She’s a female dog…well, wolf if we are being technical.)

I felt like the writing was crisper and the dialogue was sharper this time, and the characters are becoming much more endearing and much less annoying.

There was one scene that made me stop reading, put the book down for a few seconds, and just smile. It was when the vampire had just made fun of Twilight and True Blood, the teenage boys were discussing Skyrim vs Call of Duty, and everyone stops what their doing to listen to the power female lead read The Name of the Wind aloud–all while riding on a river boat with Joan of Arc in 1429. It was so fun to read that–if I was a shape-shifting-time-traveling vampire, these are who my friends would be.

There were some highlight-worthy bits as well. I love this:

“It’s only when things remain in the shadows that they have the power to be used against [you]. The lesson I learned far too late is one I hope you’ll embrace – live your life as if everyone will discover what you do and who you are. If no one holds your secrets, there’s nothing to compel you to make choices that are not your own.”

Now those are words to live by.

I also appreciate that the romantic relationships in these stories have all been age appropriate for the characters involved. I will recommend them to my daughter when she is 16.

Thankfully each book wraps up very nicely. No cliffhangers here. The only downer is the last two books haven’t been published yet, so now the waiting game begins. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

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