Tempting Fate (The Immortal Descendants #2)

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Tempting Fate (The Immortal Descendants #2) by April White

At Least as Fun as Book One!

Tempting Fate, book two of the Immortal Descendant Series was at least as much fun as book one—maybe even more so thanks to a really cool historical-fiction background for the story.

Time travel? Check.
Often time travel stories get bogged down and confusing when the authors try to over explain.  I’m enjoying these stories because there seems to be a really nice balance between tricky-don’t-break-the-future rules and not letting those rules get in the way of telling a fun story.

Vampires? Check.
Yet another version of what it means to be a vampire, but without the sparkles or super powers.  Just dudes who need blood to survive, don’t age, are hard to kill, and have to sleep during the day.

Werewolves? Check.
The Romanians.  Bad dudes.

Shape Shifters? Check.
Lions, wolves, bears, foxes, gazelles.  These are the good guys.

Some cool historical fiction? Check.
The action happens in the year 1554 in the Tower of London where the future Queen Elizabeth I is being held as a prisoner by the current queen and her half-sister, Mary.  Man, was there ever some family drama going on there!

Vampire love? Check.
And Barf.  How about less getting dizzy looking into each other’s eyes and more blowing stuff up?  Oh well, I can’t have everything my way all the time I guess.  At least it’s staying age appropriate, which I appreciate very much.

Off to book three for me!  Happy reading to you!

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