Fade Into Me

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Fade Into Me by Charity Bradford

What a Nice Surprise!

I wish I could write a book. Maybe one day I will. I think being able to dream up a story, turn it into words on paper, and sharing it with others is brave and noble. Authors influence. Whether the book is actually good or not, I respect anyone who feels passionately enough about what they have to say that they write a book. For all these reasons, I love to support authors nearly as much as I love to read–especially if I know them personally.

I know Charity and I was excited to read her new book. I’m even more excited to report that Fade Into Me was really fun to read! It’s a bit more sappy-mushy-romantic than I normally would pick for myself, but I figured if I can convince my wife to watch an action movie because it has kissing in it than I should be able to enjoy a romance novel because it has aliens and science fiction in it!

Here’s what you’re getting yourself into…

Prince Caedan and his people are from another planet, sent 1000’s of years ago to take stewardship of Earth. They live on Earth…but in another dimension invisible to humans. Using their magic, they manipulate the life force of living things–influence emotion, cause plants to spontaneously grow, stuff like that. Alien technology enables them to freely move between their hidden dimension and the one the normal humans live in.

Ryanne is human and damaged.  She pines for her childhood crush/best friend–a major jerk, actually–who just had to marry his pregnant girlfriend. She’s tormented by memories of a sexual assault involving her boy-crush’s friends that she has chosen to cover up to protect jerk-boy. She is unremarkable in every way but one: Caedan has discovered that Ryanne is his Anamchara–his soul mate (think Jacob imprinting on Renesmee).

Ryanne doesn’t know it yet, but Caedan has to marry his sole mate two months from now or risk losing his crown to the bad guys who will surely use their power to make bad things happen for Earth. All Ryanne knows is that for some reason this really hot guy–who is apparently a magic alien–is making her weak-kneed and light headed and she is completely freaked out by his attention.

There were a couple of unexpected twists that kept me engaged, and by the closing chapters I had a hard time putting the book down. Well done Charity! I hope your well on your way with your next book.

One request though…could you please make the next one have a lot less kissing and a lot more explosions?

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