Nexus (Nexus, #1)

3/5 stars

Nexus (Nexus, #1) by Ramez Naam

Fun action. Interesting theories. Complicated science.

Nexus is a fun and complicated story. I loved the action–there was something that got my heart racing every few pages. I didn’t enjoy the science so much. I’m a smart guy, but there were a lot of details that went way over my head. It would have been great to have less techno-babble and more character development. I just finished the book, and I already and having a hard time remembering names. The philosophy annoyed me…I never like books that are preachy. And I hated the language. So much swearing! Couldn’t the author come up with any words that have more that four letters when something didn’t go according to plan?

That about sums it up. I’m invested enough to read the next one, but I won’t be going out of my way to recommend Nexus to my friends.

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