Peace in Amber: The World of Kurt Vonnegut


Peace in Amber: The World of Kurt Vonnegut
By: Hugh Howey
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE Stars

Fascinating. So it goes. Again.

I feel like I should be thanking Hugh Howey for writing Peace in Amber. We all have our 9/11 stories. We all were impacted somehow. It’s emotional for everyone. I’ve never experienced an account of that day so personally shared as you did Hugh, and I was moved. I didn’t even know I needed it…but I guess I did. Thanks.

I should also say I’m glad I read Slaughterhouse Five before Peace in Amber. I get it, and I think I’d be scratching my head and writing a really negative review if I hadn’t.

I’m also glad I read Peace in Amber after I read Slaughterhouse Five. I thought I got it, but I didn’t. Now I do.

You’ll have a lot to think about when you’ve finished these 41 pages. I know I do.

Happy Reading.

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