Half Way Home

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Half Way Home by Hugh Howey


So, they can’t all be winners, right? This Hugh Howey book does not earn my recommendation.

I still enjoyed the story–mostly from the point of view that I’m impressed with the author’s ability to tell a tale so unique. I’ve never heard of another story like this one, not even the premise or ideas.

Unique story or not, this one didn’t for for me for two reasons:

1) The language was foul. Total foul. I stuck with it because I had hoped it would get better and I had such a good experience with his other books. It didn’t–it actually got worse. Not like Stephen Kings The Body bad, but bad enough for me to not be able to recommend it to anyone.

2) I hate being preached to, and this book slowly climbed up onto it’s soapbox, a little at a time. By the time I realized what was happening, the preaching fully threaded into the story line.

A credit to the author–even when I realized that was going on I still wanted to finish the story. But still, when I tell my friends about Hugh Howey, I’ll be telling them to skip Half Way Home.

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