First Shift: Legacy (Shift, #1)

5/5 stars

First Shift: Legacy (Shift, #1) by Hugh Howey

How come I’ve never heard of Hugh Howey? He’s quickly becoming a favorite author. Three cheers for self-publishing-indie authors! Three cheers for Amazon and the Kindle that make these books available to me!

Here’s a disclaimer . . . if I could write code to make these words shine with flashing lights, I would write it here:

Before you pick up First Shift: Legacy, you MUST read the Wool Omnibus first. Not should read first–MUST read first.

Wool is the beginning of an incredible story. It’s world is mysterious and suspicious, and when you’ve read Wool through you are satisfied with the ending but you just KNOW there is more to the story. First Shift: Legacy is the more.

The story in First Shift begins in 2049–future to us, but many years in the past for to the people of Wool. We learn the beginning . . .how the world became nothing more than a giant, underground silo. I’ll tell you what, as far fetched as the idea sounds, Hugh Howey weaves current events into the future story in such a seamless way that you can almost imagine the events in First Shift really happening. And it’s kind of freaky . . .

I’m about to embark on a Hugh Howey reading spree–turns out he’s written quite a few stories. If they are half as fantastic as the Silo Stories are, I’m going to be one happy reader. Check out Hugh Howey!

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