The Time Traders (Time Traders/ Ross Murdock, #1)

3/5 stars

The Time Traders (Time Traders/ Ross Murdock, #1) by Andre Norton

Another audio book to keep me entertained while driving across the country. Turns out, this was a great library find!

Without paying much attention to the description, I began listening to The Time Traders and was soon sucked into a futuristic time travel story. I was engaged and happy to move though the fast paced and exciting adventure. It was only when I got home and signed onto Goodreads that I realized this book was written in 1958, and that Andre Norton is really none other than the groundbreaking, prolific, and famed science fiction author Alice Norton!

Best of all, I discover that The Time Traders and all three of its original sequels are available for FREE on Amazon! Jackpot!

If anyone is looking for a fun and nostalgic excursion into Science Fiction history, pick up The Time Traders!

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